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Entertaining, emotional and quick

The term vodcast stems from the words video and podcast. A vodcast is a short film or videoclip which, just like podcasts, is suited to learning quickly and for a short duration. However, in addition to the audio as provided by a podcast, vodcasts also provide video. This improves the uptake of knowledge by providing two learning channels and making the knowledge transfer more clear and enjoyable.

Vodcasts are well suited to getting across emotional content to the learner. Complex topics, however, can also be easily clarified and taught using with this medium. Vodcasts can be produced quickly and without much expenditure. This means they are usually more up-to-date as conventional films.


  • Short and entertaining representation of learning content
  • Quick and efficient knowledge transfer
  • Produced without complication or much expenditure
  • Flexible and usable when mobile


  • Multimediality:
Animations are not displayed Images are not displayed Videos are displayed
  • Area of use:
Suitable for blended learning Suitable for mobile learning Optimized for performance support/workplace learning
  • Target groups:
Suitable for beginners Suitable for advanced Suitable for experts
  • Interactivity:
No low level of interactivity No medium level of interactivity No high level of interactivity

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