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Watch-Rate-Compare (WRC) – Online Behavioral Training

Practical, effective and enjoyable

Purpose: Watch-Rate-Compare is an interactive behavioral training program which you can use within the framework of a training measure. As well as specialist competencies, your employees can also be taught soft skills – social, communication and personal skills which aid in dealing with fellow employees or other people. This enables your employees to be trained in, for example, dealing with customers in a realistic and practical manner.

Knowledge transfer: Your employees can be efficiently and clearly trained in behavioral skills in three phases. First the employee watches a short video or animation in which, for example, a person acts unexpectedly in a predefined scenario (watch). The employee then evaluates the actions or behaviors presented in the video using a scale (rate). In the final phase, the employee receives feedback from an expert and watches a video in which the desired behavior is presented and which leads the employee into reflecting on their own evaluation and possible behavior (compare).

Highlight: In the place of or in addition to the expert’s evaluation, evaluations from other employees can also be displayed and – if desired – can be commented on which encourages social and time-independent learning.

Area of use: WRCs are ideal for enriching the diversity of training methods used in presence training within a blended learning concept. It can, however, be used as a standalone E-learning scenario.

Provision: WRCs can be used on mobile end devices (tablets/smartphones) as well as all other standard devices.


  • Practical and enjoyable learning of soft skills in a realistic environment
  • Situational knowledge acquisition in an authentic learning environment
  • Suitable in E-learning or blended learning measures
  • Suitable for mobile end devices (tablets and smartphones)


  • Multimediality:
Animations are not displayed Images are not displayed Videos are displayed
  • Area of use:
Suitable for blended learning Suitable for mobile learning Not optimized for performance support/workplace learning
  • Target groups:
Not suitable for beginners Suitable for advanced Suitable for experts
  • Interactivity:
No low level of interactivity Medium level of interactivity No high level of interactivity

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