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inside & BURGERISTA receive Comenius Award for the creation of a learning and training world

2017-06-27 09:02

inside & BURGERISTA receive Comenius Award for the creation of a learning and training world

Comenius-EduMedia-Siegel 2017 – inside Unternehmensgruppe

Together with the Austrian restaurant chain BURGERISTA, the inside Business Group has received the Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval 2017. Both companies were awarded for the creation of a learning and training world, which allows for efficient and comprehensive initial training of the BURGERISTA employees. The training world is based on the construction of the BURGERISTA restaurants and establishes a maximum practical relevance and recognition effect.

The BURGERISTA learning and training world was implemented within the framework of a blended learning approach, i.e. the training consists of a combination of online learning phases and presence training in the restaurant. In the online phases, the employees work through the five BURGERISTA training levels in small learning units in the form of interactive training cards and videos that convey the knowledge entertainingly and interactively. At the same time, they apply the knowledge in practical, supervised exercises in the restaurant. 

The learning world exactly represents the training approach, the organizational structure and the BURGERISTA training processes and by doing this ensures a seamless integration within the day to day learning and working.


Lina Lischtschuk

HC-Operations assistant at BURGERISTA

„With the learning and training world, we are in a position to train our employees in a practical, efficient and sustainable way and also offer them optimal support. Our managers also receive the information they need from the dashboards in a way that makes their day to day work extremely easy.“

Throughout the qualification process, learning dashboards provide employees with a detailed overview of their learning and certification status, their learning progress in the individual qualification levels, the estimated time-learning effort per level and the associated remaining time, as well as the number of tests for the theoretical test and the last test result.

For management and executives, there are also dashboards and reports at a national and international level with comprehensive information on the qualification level and the training activities of the employees in the individual organizational units, in detail or cumulatively, depending on needs and eligibility. The dashboards are accessed according to a defined role and rights system. This ensures that both managers and employees receive only the information for which they have been authorized.

The Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval is one of the most established European awards in the e-learning industry. It is awarded annually by the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information e.V. (GPI - Society for Pedagogy and Information) for outstanding content or exceptionally designed or educational multimedia and educational media. inside has now received the award for the 14th time. The solution convinced the jury mainly because of its successful didactic implementation.


Dr. Patrick Blum

inside managing director

„It makes us proud that not only our customers are satisfied, but that the quality of our work has now also been confirmed by an independent jury. We have created a learning and training world for BURGERISTA, which offers everything that today is expected of modern e-learning for the onboarding and the training up of new employees.“

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