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inside and Coffee Fellows receive the eLearning Award 2017

2017-02-22 09:09

inside and Coffee Fellows receive the eLearning Award 2017

eLearning Award 2017

Together with Coffee Fellows GmbH – one of Germany’s leading coffee shop chains – the inside Business Group has received the eLearning Award for 2017 at the didacta trade fair in Stuttgart. The two received the award in the category “Micro Learning” for the creation of an interactive learning space.

The learning space created by inside enables new employees to receive initial training as well as all Coffee Fellows employees to receive ongoing training. Thanks to its responsive design, the learning space can be used on diverse end devices – especially smartphones – and enables mobile learning independently of time or place. Access to the learning space and its media is gained comfortably and easily via the learning cloud app.

Micro-learning in combination with video training promotes an activity-oriented learning process. “We are extremely happy to receive this award. With the implementation of the cloud-based learning space and with the help of our micro- and mobile learning approach, we have created the prerequisite to also enable companies whose employees don’t have access to classic PC-workplaces to also profit from e-learning”, explained Dr. Patrick Blum, managing director at inside Business Group upon collecting the award together with Britta Sieg, manager of training and personal development at Coffee Fellows GmbH.

The learning space offers the business and its employees diverse advantages: The employees can maintain a constant overview of their learning progress within the current module as well as their overall progress within the training program. Additionally, the results of the latest mystery shopping report are also displayed in the learner cockpit along with news and likes via the Facebook plug-in. Efficient search and filter functions enable employees to find references quickly and accurately and to learn without having to leave the workplace.

Gamification elements and competitions such as quizzes with rankings for participating stores ensures that the learning process is practice-oriented and the learning experience remains motivating. By completing certain sections of the learning space, for example individual levels or participating in competitions and regular campaigns, employees can collect so-called coffee-coins. These are a digital currency which can be traded for attractive awards. The coins help to motivate the learners and serve as an extrinsic incentive for learners to use the learning space.

Dashboards with comprehensive information on learners’ progress are available to central management and store managers to keep track of their employees’ development.

"Our expectations with regards to the design as well as the operation of the learning space were extensively and reliably fulfilled. With the learning space, we offer our learners a learning platform which provides efficient, sustainable and diversified learning while at the same time supporting our expansion strategy. And what I am particularly pleased about is that working with inside’s authoring system the eAuthor is not only simple and self-explanatory but also fun, enabling us to autonomously create and update our own content”, explained Britta Sieg.

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