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Double-Win at eLearningCHECK 2017: Customers vote inside as “Provider of the Year” twice

2017-02-02 12:54

Double-Win at eLearningCHECK 2017: Customers vote inside as “Provider of the Year” twice

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Yesterday at LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe, the inside Business Group was awarded “provider of the year” award – awarded by CHECK.point eLearning – in two of the five possible categories; for the category “Mobile Learning” and also for its authoring tool, the eAuthor 4.0.

The award for “provider of the year” is based on a survey of a total of 217 business in which they evaluated their e-learning providers. inside managed to successfully defend its 2016 title in the category “Mobile Learning” as well as rise to first place in the category “Authoring Tools” thanks to the votes of its customers.

“We are very proud that having been selected as provider of the year for 2010, 2011 and 2016 by our customers, we did it again this year – and this year twice. Very few companies have managed a double-win like this one. And so this win is not only very special for us, but it spurns us on to continue providing future-oriented solutions which fulfill the expectations and requirements of our customers”, explained Marcel Dübner, managing director at inside Business Group.

In each of the categories, “Mobile Learning” and “Authoring Tools”, a total of 8 customer satisfaction criteria were rated. For the category “Mobile Learning” this includes: conceptual and technological quality, the quality of project management and services, consultation competency, value for money, customer orientation and the reliability of the provider. Within the category “Authoring Tools”, technical product quality, design possibilities for didactic media, usability for authors, international operation, service quality, customer orientation and the reliability of the provider were rated. “We have strived for years to provide high-quality and future-oriented solutions in both of these categories and so we are extremely happy to have successfully defended our title from last year in the Mobile Learning category and that we were awarded another in the category Authoring Tools. Our employees work continually and with great commitment on these technologies and our customers have now rewarded us for that”, explained inside managing director Dr. Patrick Blum.

inside not only offers a broad spectrum of different mobile learning media, but also – with its online authoring system, the eAuthor 4.0 – a universal and efficient tool for the creation of mobile-compatible learning media with responsive design. This allows the layout and control of the learning media to be automatically adapted to various end devices, enabling learners to use the media on smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop-PCs.

The online portal CHECK.point eLearning conducted the eLearningCHECK this year for the eighth time. Its objective is to evaluate the performance and capabilities of e-learning providers by assessing the satisfaction of customers in relation to their experiences and collaboration with those providers. A total of 217 businesses with 338 individual evaluations took part in this year’s customer satisfaction study, which has established itself as one of the most recognized customer satisfaction barometers within the industry.

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