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Motion Scribble – Clarification Video

Simple, catchy and entertaining

Purpose: Motion scribbles are how-to videos with which your employees or clients can gain an overall understanding of very complex topics in an entertaining and descriptive way. Your employees/clients learn in very small units from 1 to 4 minutes’ duration.

Knowledge transfer: The content is represented quickly and concisely to the learner using animated and sketches and metaphors and clearly understood language. With this method the viewer’s learning experience is made fun and memorable.

Area of use: Motion scribbles can be used alone or within the framework of an e-learning or blended learning training measure. Furthermore, they can be very helpful when used for company or product presentations.

Provision: Motion scribbles can be viewed on mobile end devices (tablets) as well as all standard devices.


  • Clear and motivating clarification of complex topics or relationships
  • Entertaining and memorable knowledge gain in very small units via video
  • For all target groups – suitable for everyone from novice to expert
  • For mobile end devices (tablets and smartphones)
  • Diverse applications


  • Multimediality:
Animations are displayed Images are displayed Videos are displayed
  • Area of use:
Suitable for blended learning Suitable for mobile learning Optimized for performance support/workplace learning
  • Target groups:
Suitable for beginners Suitable for advanced Suitable for experts
  • Interactivity:
No low level of interactivity No medium level of interactivity No high level of interactivity

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