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Interactive Tutorial

Acquire specialist knowledge realistically and interactively

Purpose: Interactive tutorials are a didactically sound digital self-learning medium with high interactivity. They are well suited to helping your employees gain or deepen an understanding of specialist knowledge and to enable self-guided learning. Your employees learn in small to medium learning units of 10 to 20 minutes in duration.

Knowledge transfer: The learning process is supported by a clear content structure which includes clearly formulated learning objectives which help your employees to orient themselves. Interactive tutorials are broken down hierachically into chapters and sub-chapters rather like a reference book. Complex content is conveyed with the aid of animations, graphics and diagrams.

Area of use: Interactive tutorials are ideally suited to learning in the workplace. In addition, they are suitable for preparation and follow-up when used within the framework of blended learning training measures.

Provision: Interactive tutorials can be integrated into various learning platforms and can be published in different target formats.


  • Learn and deepen specialist knowledge independently
  • Practice-oriented, structured and clearly represented information
  • High interactivity promotes motivation and learning performance
  • Simple integration into learning platforms and learning management systems


  • Multimediality:
Animations are displayed Images are displayed Videos are not displayed
  • Area of use:
Suitable for blended learning Not suitable for mobile learning Not optimized for performance support/workplace learning
  • Target groups:
Not suitable for beginners Suitable for advanced Suitable for experts
  • Interactivity:
No low level of interactivity No medium level of interactivity High level of interactivity

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