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Digital Flash Cards

Quick, catchy and easy to use

Purpose: With digital flash cards your employees are able to gain factual knowledge within the shortest possible time and to retain it long term.

Knowledge transfer: Digital flash cards are based on the principle of systematic repetition of small knowledge units. The information to be learned is presented to employees on digital flash cards in the form of a question (on the front side) and answer (on the reverse side). Your employee reads the question and makes an attempt to answer it before turning the card over to see if his or her answer was correct. Also this method means that the less the employee knows a particular piece of information, the more he or she picks that card and must repeat that piece of information.

Highlights: Your employees can take a break from learning at any time and continue from where they left off at a later time.

Area of use: Digital flash cards are suited to efficient and needs-based learning within the workplace. They are also useful for diverse content since the number of cards in a set is unlimited.

Provision: Suitable for mobile end devices (tablets and smartphones).


  • Suited to self-study and increasing the depth of knowledge of facts
  • Effective and time-saving knowledge transfer through small learning units
  • Learning is needs-based, unknown facts are repeated more often than known facts
  • Suitable for mobile end devices (tablets and smartphones)


  • Multimediality:
Animations are not displayed Images are displayed Videos are not displayed
  • Area of use:
Suitable for blended learning Suitable for mobile learning Optimized for performance support/workplace learning
  • Target groups:
Suitable for beginners Suitable for advanced Suitable for experts
  • Interactivity:
Low level of interactivity No medium level of interactivity No high level of interactivity

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