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Vapiano – Bite-sized

Vapiano – häppchenweise

Client profile

Vapiano, the German company with its headquarters in Bonn, offers light Italian pasta cuisine à la minute and set meals in a self-service concept, with the food and drinks being freshly prepared at a range of stations before the eyes of the guests.

The Facts:

  • Micro Learning: Learning in small "bite-sized" chunks
  • High definition videos
  • Multilingual
  • Desktop PCs and mobile end devices

The Challenge

A homogenous quality of food and services is ensured across 130 Vapiano restaurants in 28 countries with diverse cultures using learning in the workplace.

The concept must take all affected groups within the franchise into consideration:

  • Franchiser
  • Franchisees
  • Restaurant managers
  • Employees

Target groups are employees in front-cooking and in customer service.

Anne Knüpfer | Media & Communications Consultant


The implementation of E-learning enabled us to train our employees across the world in uniform standards of quality for products, services and processes. That is for us as an internationally operating system catering company very important. Furthermore, the employees receive a modern and comprehensive introduction which provide them with the possibilty of learning in the workplace. An all-round solution with which employees can enjoyably learn and develop skills.

The primary objective is the targeted and long-term training of employees in specialist knowledge of recipes for antipasti, pasta, pizza and dolci as well as the topics work safety and hygiene.

The Solution

Employees all around the world are able to quickly learn new recipes or look up existing ones.

Employees are introduced to recipes and their various steps for preparation on interactive training cards of 3 to 9 minutes' duration with the help of interactivity and videos.

Access to the recipes is provided via cardflows and cardsets which are made available within a learning management system. With these the employees are able to, for example, search targetedly for recipes according to category, update status, new recipes and learning duration as well as keywords, and also to work through cards in a predefined order.

All recipes are available in English, German, French, Sapnish and Portuguese. Recipes are also adapted according to the varying cultures of different countries.


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