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HypoVereinsbank – Practical

HypoVereinsbank – Practical

Client profile

The HypoVereinsbank is the German face of the UniCredit Group and ranks in Germany as one of the leading commercial banks. In addition to classic education and training for banking personnel, the HypoVereinsbank also offers a dual course of studies (Bachelor of Arts) as a qualification opportunity.

The facts:

  • Training media as online and print versions
  • Revision capability for methods and content
  • Re-use of knowledge objects in different training courses

The challenge

Training materials in the financial industry are subject to rapid changes and must comply with comprehensive legal and regulatory requirements. For this reason, the HypoVereinsbank requires that in future the training materials can be maintained and managed more efficiently and redundancy-free.

The target group consists of about 1,100 employees currently in training.

A further requirement was that training materials be constructed with the greatest possible degree of practical relevance and contain plenty of exercises while at the same time being well-structured, trainer-friendly and sales-oriented in design, and capable of being quickly updated and distributed.

The solution

Structurally and methodologically optimized training materials have been created for all 14 topic areas. The materials are managed centrally and redundancy-free for two training courses, and are available digitally and as printed versions.

The sales-oriented training materials have an organized content structure with numerous pieces of additional information, e.g. 

  • learning goals,
  • times of the learning units,
  • alternative media.

In this way, the content provides flexible support for a range of different learning habits as well as a high degree of practicability.


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