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Allianz Deutschland AG – Barrier-free

Allianz Deutschland AG – Barrier-free

Client profile

The Allianz Innendienst Akademie (AIA) (Allianz Sales Academy), newly founded in 2012, is the training unit of Allianz Deutschland AG and, together with personnel development, forms a common department. The AIA is responsible for specialist training services in the property, life and health insurance sectors and also for general skills training for managers and employees of all departments of Allianz Deutschland AG.

The facts:

  • Compliance with regulatory standards for barrier-free accessibility
  • Quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9241 on premises with the target group
  • One medium for members of staff with and without restrictions

The challenge


For Allianz, education and training of staff is a key factor for the company's success. All members of staff at Allianz are given the opportunity to continuously improve their qualifications and to keep their state of knowledge constantly up to date. As a supplement to face-to-face training, self-study media are to be used.

The aim is also to provide the equal opportunity for qualification to employees of Allianz with impairments, especially of the eyes and ears, e.g.:

  • blindness,
  • poor eyesight,
  • deafness,
  • hardness of hearing.

Michaela Hagmeyer | Leader of the Center of Competence for Property Insurance

Allianz Deutschland AG

This project showed yet again just how important teamwork is from all of those involved in ensuring a high level of quality. The introduction of accessability in employee training is no easy task which can be completed simply along the way. It requires detailed planning, diverse testing and high quality assurance for it to be capable of abiding by the norms and regulations.

The self-study media are to be checked against the valid version of the DIN EN ISO 9241 standard. Special consideration is to be given to those parts of the standard that deal with dialog principles, requirements for usability, display of information, user guidance, etc. as well as requirements for electronic optical displays.

Furthermore, in the implementation of the concept attention must be given to the recommendations of the German administrative trade union (VBG) in its BGI 650 guidelines, and to the BITV 2.0 regulation on barrier-free information technology.

The solution

All members of staff at Allianz, with and without impairments, can pursue self-studies with one and the same learning medium, an interactive tutorial.

Thanks to the use of complete keyboard control and alternative display options for the specific impairments, the learning experience is equally interesting and motivating for all employees.

All the requirements of the above-mentioned standards and regulations are fulfilled. In the meantime, 18 barrier-free interactive tutorials are available in 6 Allianz departments.

Allianz and inside were distinguished with the eLearning Award 2014 for the successful implementation of this project.


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