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inside Receives "Microsoft Gold Partner" Distinction

2016-11-09 11:02

inside Receives "Microsoft Gold Partner" Distinction

Microsoft Gold Partner

In October, the inside Business Group was certified as a “Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Management” and with that qualifies for the highest attainable partner status. To be certified with the gold status  IT companies must possess outstanding experience and competency in the adaptation of software products to Microsoft technologies as well as develop customized client-specific software solutions. Up until October, inside had been a certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

“We are excited to receive the certification as it confirms our ambition and that our technical know-how always remains up to date. As one of the top 10 providers of e-learning in Germany, we must constantly adapt our products and services to the current operating systems and newest technologies within a rapidly changing industry. This is what we do. For our clients, the certificate is therefore also evidence of our trustworthiness as a partner and specialist within the development of client-specific applications.” explained Marcel Dübner, managing director at the inside Business Group.

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