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BURGERISTA conquors the German market – inside supports with E-Learning

2016-07-12 12:10

BURGERISTA conquors the German market – inside supports with E-Learning


The Austrian restaurant chain BURGERISTA is currently taking on the German market with its innovative fresh concepts. One supporting column of this expansion is represented in the form of a BLENDED Learning concept which not only enables a quick and comprehensive onboarding of new employees, but also a permanent training programme for all employees.

The inside Business Group took on the task of conceiving and realizing the e-Learning and developing a learning world for BURGERISTA with which the complete blended learning training programme for all employees - from service employees through to restaurant managers – is managed.

In the learning world the employees work their way through 5 levels, so-called Crew Levels, and develop their knowledge using interactive training cards and videos in a realistic and efficient manner. Each of the 5 Crew Levels has its own card collection with interactive training cards. Having worked their way through the card collection the employees must then each complete a test. Upon passing the test the employee is allowed to take the practical test in the restaurant by the restaurant manager. Those who successfully pass this test then receive a certificate and have the next Crew Level unlocked for them to work through. A notification is also automatically sent to HR since the incentives system is also coupled with the Crew Level training programme.

Alexander Platzl

BURGERISTA Managing Director

"We are very satisfied with the results of our blended learning training programme. It enables us to offer our employees comprehensive and timely training which not only optimally supports our employees in the onboarding process but also is extremely helpful for our continuing expansion."

Restaurant leaders and managers also receive comprehensive information on the learning and certification progress of their employees via dashboards. Full control and checking of the training is done in the learning world. The employees also have learner cockpits which provide a constant overview of their personal learning progress as well as how well their restaurant's ranking in the overall learning performance table. This enables them to, for example, see as a percentage how much of the current Crew Level they have already completed i.e. marked as "understood" or whether they have passed a particular test. The training can be completed with various end devices – including mobile – independently of time or place.

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